Grand bay fossil bed location.

Grand Bay Fossil site, archeology on Carriacou.

Geotag Icon Location of the archeological findings on a map of Carriacou.

The fossil beds in Grand Bay.

Archeologists uncovering part of the site.

Finding human remains at Grand Bay.

Location: 1/2 mile south and 1/2 mile north of Grand Bay Village.
On the Windward Coast of Carriacou.

Both sites contain about 30 feet of well bedded fine grained ashy shales which are exposed along the shore.

Fossils of Gastenopoda, Pleurotoma, Alvitra, Phos, Pyrala and Conus are present.

When wet with seawater, the fossils look very well preserved.
In some cases, the sharp edged angite crystals have imprints.
Trocolyathus and Flabellum can also be seen.
Fossils in the open air, clearly visible.

Tibeau fossil beds at the coastline.

The Globorotalia Fobsifobsi (Grand Bay Beds) have been correlated with the Lower Miocene Baitoa formation of the Dominican Republic.

The fossil beds are the only known beds in Grenada which are plainly visible.

The beds provide excellent opportunities for education, illustrating prehistoric shellfish, some of which are long since extinct.

Grand bay fossil bed location.

Protected area where the fossil beds are on Carriacou.