Sailboats anchored in the Tobago Cays.

Sailing in the Grenadines.

SailingĀ around Carriacou.

Some of the best sailing in the world for recreational sailors, the Grenadines and Carriacou have perfect conditions for a sailing vacation.
Boat rentals and yacht charters are available on all islands of the Grenadines.

The sailing in the Caribbean is famous all over the world.
Trade winds provide a fairly reliable source for very enjoyable sailing trips.
The relative short distance between islands make the entire region ideal for island hopping.

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Anchorages in the Grenadines.

The Grenadines are certainly no exception, specially the low location make the Grenadines ideal during the hurricane season to go in shelter.
Temperatures are ideal, specially when the breeze cools you down. rainfall is hardly a problem since it hardly ever rains longer then an hour here at sea.

While sailing it’s allways worth trying to catch some fish.
Throw a line and you will probably catch something.

Carriacou Sloops building on video.

About the boat building in Windward.

There are plenty boats for rent, some with crew, others without It’s a good idea to make up your mind about what type of boat you will want.
A catamaran has it’s advantages regarding space and stability.
On the other hand many people will prefer the sensation of a sailing in a monohull.

Try booking a boat that is the right size for your group.
Otherwise you might end up in a boat with people who don’t share your interests, and that could become an unpleasant experience.