Hurricane Beryl.

95% of structures in Carriacou and Petite Martinique are damaged or completely destroyed.

NaDMA Grenada

Information groups for Carriacou on Facebook.

– We have minimal contact with the outside world, thanks to the kindness of a few who have provided limited access to Starlink. Please use this resource sparingly so everyone can connect with their loved ones.
– We desperately need volunteers to help with cleanup. If you can lend a hand with repairs, clear debris, and are willing to camp out, please come to Carriacou. Bring your own food & tents
– Our supermarkets and pharmacies are closed, and our supplies are dwindling. We urgently need:
– Water
– Canned food
– Menstrual products
– Baby formula and diapers
– Clothes and toiletries
– Lights and candles (battery-operated or solar, with batteries included)
– Hard-bottom shoes to protect against hazardous debris
– Temporary housing (tents, sleeping bags, inflatable beds)
– Water filters (easy to assemble and use)
– Short-range communication devices (VHF radios, walkie-talkies)
– People are trying to salvage what’s left of their homes. We need:
– Solar fans, hats, sunglasses, sunblock, long sleeve shirts
– Waterproof containers to store remaining belongings
– Electric wires (3G, 2.5mm)
– Headlights
– Battery packs for phones and devices
– Tape
– Tarpaulins
– Gas
– Waterproof bags
A group of private residents are setting up Starlink access points across Carriacou to bridge the communication gap and ensure that information flows efficiently.
Your support means the world to us in this desperate time.
Please help in any way you can.
Together we can begin to rebuild and restore hope in our community.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Osprey Ferry schedule.

Ferry Grenada to Carriacou schedule.

Videos of the hurricane aftermath.