Where to stay when you go on a vacation to Carriacou Island?

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Map of Carriacou, listings from above will open in here.

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Hotels and guesthouses on Carriacou island.

Carriacou hotels and guesthouses, homestays and villa rentals.
What are the best lodging places for you to stay?
Expectations differ, and for most tourists the lodging facilities on the island will cater for their needs.
A basic lodging guide for visitors of Grenada and the Grenadines.
Hotels on Carriacou.
This is a small island with limited tourism, hence there is only a handfull hotels on Carriacou.
Make your choice of hotel according to the desired location.
Want a hotel near the beach or do you prefer the relative luxury of the Grand View Hotel?
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If you compare the amount of touristic beds in hotels on Carriacou, there are probably more beds in the villa rentals then in the hotels of the island.
Here you see most of the villa rentals on Carriacou at a glance.
Carriacou villa rentals.
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If you wish to spend a smaller amount of money then a guesthouse could be  a good option.
You will find many guesthouses and homestays on Carriacou.
These are a great budget solution for backpackers and travellers who wish to stay for a longer period on Carriacou.
Guesthouses and homestays on Carriacou.
No listings found.
There are not many hotels on Carriacou, and the standard is not as you can expect on the larger Caribbean islands.
You will not find any all inclusive resorts, but many guesthouses and cottage rentals instead.
Adjust your expectations to the general simplicity of these islands.
You will notice that the offerings are in general good enough, the hotel prices are fair and according to what you get.

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