Fishing trips Carriacou – the best spots.

Ready for fishing ?

Map with the best fishing spots on Carriacou.

If you don’t have your own fishing gear with you, no problem.
Just use the local fishing gear.
If it’s fine for the local population, it should serve you as well.
A plastic reel or even a soap bottle with a wire, a hook and some bait will catch some very nice sized fish.

Best time to go fishing on Carriacou is early in the morning.
But even if you leave a bit later, there’s plenty chance of a nice catch.
The fishermen usually have a good idea of where and when the fish can be found.

This local knowledge is essential.
You’ll probably be surprised by the ingenuous and simple ways of preparing fishing gear.

With just some galvanized wire and a large hook, a weight made out of an old engine part and some bait some amazing results are achieved.

Barracuda and kingfish are very typical fish to catch here in these waters.
But there’s much larger as well.
Sometimes we catch big tunas, maui maui (also called dolphin) note: not to be confused with flipper..and larger varieties like swordfish and marlin.


Talk to the fishermen on the beach, many will be happy to take you onboard as a paying guest.
When you go trawling the will be some fishing lines with bait that are dragged behind the boat.
The boat moves at a low speed and you will try to find the spots where the fish are hunting.
Not much work for you to do, but a pleasant and sometimes exiting few hours on the water.
Bring your caught fish onshore and have it prepared on the beach the same evening.


The fish that live close to the bottom can only be caught of you are stay put above them and drop a line.
It can be very exiting to feel fish nibbling at the bait, then strike and haul it up.
One of the nicest tasting fish which you catch while banking is the Red Snapper.