Marion Suite Attorney at Law.

Marion Suite Attorney at Law.
Legal services, project management, problem solving, Incorporation of Local Companies, Establishment of International Business Companies (Offshore IBC) in various countries, Real Estate planning, corporate restructuring and advice on doing business in the Caribbean.
My practice is solution oriented with a personal service. Issues are addressed and problems are solved in consultation with my clients.

I communicate major issues with you, my client, not through an assistant.

I can help you with all your legal and business needs, including:

  • Incorporation of local Grenada company
  • Acquisition and sale of properties
  • Leasing
  • Aliens (Land-Holding) License
  • Establishment of an Offshore IBC (Internation Business Company) and Trusts
  • Opening Offshore corporate banking accounts
  • Helping you to relocate to Grenada
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L’Anse Aux Epines
Grand Anse
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