Cleaning of the Ningo Well in Tibeau.

In Tibeau is the Ningo Well.

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The old Well in Tibeau.

In Jews Bay, just above the archeological findings at the fossil beds in Grand Bay.

One of the earliest wells built on the island, and located in the village of Tibeau.
It had been neglected for quite some time.
Now the government is organising a thorough cleanup plus enhancement of the zone.

Sites for archeology on Carriacou.

The map below shows the zone south of the well, this is where the fossil beds are.

Fossils and archeological findings on Carriacou.

Archeology at Grand Bay and Jews Bay on Carriacou windward side.

At the shore close to this well is the Tibeau cemetery.
This burial ground has collapsed in the ocean with very few graves remaining.
  • Another interesting place are the ruins in the south, at Sabazan.
  • Check the historical site at Dumfries as well.
  • Another place of historical interest is the Belair zone, where ruins of the oldest plantation house can be found.