Stunning views ovver Carriacou Island, book a guided tour.

Tourguides for Carriacou and the Grenadines.

Discover the hidden gems of Carriacou, explore the island with professional tour guides.

Turtlewatching on Carriacou with tour guides.

Turtle watching at night.

If you are only for a few days on Carriacou you will probably want to see the most exiting features of the island.
It is absolutely safe and fairly easy to roam around on your own, walking and with a rental car or bike.

However, on your own you won’t get the benefit of local knowledge, and that is where a tourguide can come in very handy.
These tour guides have all the needed contacts to arrange for any type of activity.

Carriacou isle of reef tour guides.
Not just for Carriacou, this company also arranges trips to the Tobago Cays and Union. One of the recommended tour guides on Carriacou isle of reef tours , a local company with many years of experience in tourism.
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