Wilkinson and Wilkinson lawyers on Grenada.

Wilkinson and Wilkinson lawyers on Grenada.
Wilkinson Wilkinson & Wilkinson Attorneys-at-Law Barristers, Solicitors, Patents & Trademarks Agents & Notaries Public
The Firm, for many years, held the distinction of being the only firm in Grenada, where there was a father-and-daughters team of Attorneys.

Wilkinson and Wilkinson prides itself on its independence from party politics within the tri-island State of Grenada.

The firm is associated with regional and international law firms.
The Firm is also the only Member Firm in Grenada of the State Capital Group, headquartered in Washington DC in the United States of America.

While each member firm of this prestigious organization operates independently, each is required to provide excellent service and to adhere to Uniform Service Standards.