Ruins of the Belair Great House.

Belair Great House, former camp of the PRA.

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Belair Great House - 1809.

Formerly one of the largest plantation houses on Carriacou.
During the Grenada Revolution the PRA had their barracks on this terrain and in the Belair Great House itself.
Near the end there was a mysterious explosion which damaged large parts.
The cause of this explosion was never resolved.

In 1784, John Reid, Esq. owned Belair Estate.

An old English great house which was completed in 1809.
Next to the great house are foundations of an older French house.
These remains are indicative of the amount of times the island of Carriacou changed hands.

Below a picture of this great house during the Grenada revolution.

Belair estate house while used by the peoples revolutionary army.

Belair house during the Grenada Revolution.