Sugar cane windmill ruin on Carriacou.

Windmill ruin in Belair on Carriacou.

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Windmill in Belair on Carriacou.

These mills were used to crush sugarcane.
After abolition of slavery many of the industrial estates were forced to close.
As a result these mills were no longer of any use.

Looking up from inside the windmill.

Belair windmill inside.

Nowadays there is more awareness for protection and preservation of history from Carriacou.
Some organisations try to save this heritage from colonial times.

The two doors in the Belair windmill ruin.

Path through the windmill in Belair.

Another one of the windmills on Carriacou in Beausejour.

In Beausejour, a windmill for sugar cane.

Carriacou sugar cane crusher windmill.

The windmill below is in Grand Bay south Carriacou.

Cane mill in Grand Bay Carriacou.

Grand Bay Cane mill.

Mill in Grand Bay.

Windmill remains at Grand Bay.

Remains of an old windmill in Grand Bay on Carriacou.

Mill on Mount Royal.

Windmill at Mt. Royal.

Old windmill on Carriacou at Mount Royal.

Between Bogles and Dover.

Ruins of an old Windmill - storage room.

Mill or storage room ruins between Bogles and Dover.