Tyrell Bay oyster beds.

Oyster beds and Mangroves in Tyrell Bay.

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Protected zone of the Mangrove Bay in Harvey Vale.

Between the mangrove roots grow oysters, a rare fenomena in these regions.
The mangrove fields are a protected zone.
There is some controversy over the build of a new yacht harbor next and partly into this zone.
The process has been halted several times and progress of the new development is slow, or maybe at the moment of reading has even stopped again.

A safe anchorage during hurricanes.

During storms and hurricanes it is a perfect place to shelter boats.
When a hurricane is on it's path to Carriacou there is a lot of activity over here.
Moored sailboats from Tyrell Bay get brought to these sheltered inlets where the wind hits a lot less.
Especially the lack of swell and absence of waves makes this the safest place for boats on Carriacou.