Viewing Petite Martinique from Belair on Carriacou.

View from Belair over Windward towards Petite Martinique.

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Fantastic views over Windward and P.M.

Departing from Hillsborough towards the Princess Royal Hospital.
First you pass the ruin of a Windmill.

Sugar cane windmill ruin on Carriacou.

Belair Carriacou, windmill for sugar cane.

Stop by at the Princess Royal Hospital.

And leave a small donation.
View from the hospital hill in Belair.

View of Carriacou from the hospital at Belair.

Hillsborough Bay seen from the Hospital in Belair.

Now return a bit towards the mill and take the narrow road over the mountain ridge.
This is quite a hike, but you could use a rented jeep.

Here is another view over Belair from the same road, but a bit further on in the National Park.

View on Petite Martinique from Dover.

The green slopes of High North Park towards Dover, P.M. at the background.