Windward traditional house with shingles.

Traditional house made with shingles.

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Old house close to Petite carenage bay.

Here in Windward you still find quite a few of these old traditional houses in reasonable condition.
Elsewhere on Carriacou the houses are often falling apart due to old age and termites.
There is not a lot of space in these old houses, and many have opted to build something more convenient.

Windward is the boat building village of Carriacou.

Gun Point Carriacou.

Rusty cannon delimiting the north border, according to the treaty of Versailles with the French.

Building boats in Windward is an old and still alive tradition.
L'Apelle point is the cape closeby.

Windward is in Watering Bay.
The bay more north is Petite Carenage with a nice sandy beach.

The more northern point is called Gun Point because of an old canon there.

Traditional boat building in windward.

Wooden sloops being built in Windward.

Close to this old house is Petite Carenage beach.

Petite Carenage.

Carriacou Northside, Petite Carenage Beach.

The trail to Petite carenage.

Path to petite Carenage beach on Carriacou.

You cannot miss the beach with this clearly marked path.

The beach of Petite Carenage.

Beach of Petite Carenage.

The beach of Petite Carenage is made of tiny shell flints.