Inward side of Sandy Island.

Picture of Sandy Island on the sheltered side.

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Leeward side of Sandy Island.

Sandy island in front of paradise beach.

Sandy island with anchored sailboats.

On this side of Sandy are several buoys where sailboats can attach for a few days.
This spot is at the leeward side of Sandy island and facing paradise beach.
You get here with a water taxi, probably from hard wood bar on paradise beach.

Many arrive here with a yacht.
In that case please remember that you can not drop your anchor here.
For purpose of mooring the islanders have provided a several buoys where you can attach your boat.

On shore -  facilities on Paradise Beach.

As mentioned before, on Paradise beach is the very popular Hardwood Bar and Snacket.
Banana Jo Merit Museum and Bar is a great tiny bar on the beach, run by rastaman Jo Adams.
At Off de Hook you can get nice meals, right on the beach.

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Chilling on the island.

Aerial view of Sandy Island.

Aerial picture of Sandy Island.

Sandy island as seen from the plane.