Boats in Tyrell Bay Carriacou.

Shoreline of Tyrell Bay on Carriacou.

Lorraine Seattle

Boats anchored in Tyrell Bay.

Tyrell Bay oyster beds.

Oyster beds between the mangroves.

This is a very nice anchorage in the Grenadines.
Ashore is the quiet village of Harveyvale.

There is a yacht haulout in this Bay.
During the Hurricane season some boats can find shelter in the mangroves.

Yachtclub, boatyard and yacht haulout.

Yacht club and boatyard.

A new marine yacht harbor at the shoreline has been in the planning for many years, but progress is very slow.

Tyrell Bay Marina under construction.

Marina under construction in Tyrell Bay.

Some places in Harvey Vale.
In Harveyvale.