Crystal clear waters at sandy island.

Sandy Island – Paradise Bay on Carriacou.

In front of Paradise Beach, at Carriacou in the West Indies, lies a tiny island with bright white sand.

Uninhabited island with perfect beaches.

It features an interior lagoon where you can snorkle in knee deep waters.

Around Sandy Island you will find some beautiful diving conditions.
Sandy Island is a beloved spot for sailing boats to pass the night in the sheltered waters of the interior.

A word of caution for sailors:
Please protect the corals and dont just drop your anchor on the precious coral formations that still exist there.
Protect the environment and keep it all tidy and clean.
That way others will be able to enjoy it too.

Sandy Island is an uninhabited cay lying off the west coast of Carriacou.

Surrounded by clear waters and coral reefs.
With an extensive white sand beach and quiet water on its south side and a palm canopy on the island.
It has long been a treasured spot for Carriacouans.
More recently, it has become a favored site for yachters, shore parties from cruise boats and SCUBA divers.

Sandy is a picture perfect island.

Photos of the island are often used as centerpieces of advertisements for the region.

Carriacouans have expressed concern about increasingly large losses of the island to erosion during severe storms.
This degradation of the island and the surrounding reefs is believed to be associated with the intensified tourist traffic.