Carriacou diving moray eels and seafans.

Rock Garden dive site Mabouya North side.

Easy diving with spectacular conditions.

Carriacou diving moray eels and seafans.

Underwater life on the reefs.

This makes a good dive for all levels of diver, and provides the opportunity for some good photos.

The underwater landscape starts with a reef slope, where you should see morays, nurse sharks, nudibranchs and sea goddess.

  • Max. depth 18m/60ft
  • Level: Drift, easy & relaxed
  • This is a great dive for stingray spotting!
Stingray at the dive spot whirlpool Mabouya Island Carriacou.

Stingray at Mabouya Island.

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As in the Mabouya Whirlpool dive site you might see bubbling gasses arising from the sea bed.

These bubbles appearing from the sea bottom signal the volcanic activity in this region of the Caribbean.

Around Mabouya are many great places to dive, this is just of them.

Other diving spots are the twin wrecks Westsider and Boris.
Those wrecks are above the top of Mabouya at the western side.

Mabouya’s eastside is a very calm spot for beginning divers.