Sunken tugboat the Boris, wreck diving at Mabouya.

Diving on Carriacou at the Boris wreck near Mabouya Island.

Wreck of the Boris –¬†Mabouya.

Boris wreck diving at Mabouya Carriacou.

The Boris lies at 28 metres.

The Boris is one of many great dive sites around Carriacou and close to the wreck of the Westsider.

  • Length of the wrck: 30 m/ 100 ft
  • Depth of the¬†site: 28 m/92 ft to keel, superstructure at 16m/52 ft.
  • Wreck in excellent condition due to its recent age.
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The wreck is already dorned with corals and home to a great deal of snappers and French angelfish.

This long tugboat was sunk in September of 2007.
It is one of the most impressive divesites on Carriacou.

Wreckdiving can be very impressive.

This wreckdive is safe for exploring by all qualified divers.

Nevertheless, you should rely on recommendations by the local diving instructors.
If they feel that you are not capable there will not be a chance to get at the wreck anyway.

You can sometimes find a nurse shark or barracuda in the captain room.
Creole wrasses, jacks, and grey angels swirl all around.

Even more interesting is that the Boris Wreck is located only 100m away from another great wreck called the West Sider.

Nightdive at the Wreck.

Carriacou wreckdiving at the Westsider.

Wreckdive on Carriacou – the Westsider at Mabouya Island.

The wrecks at Mabouya.

Diving the Boris and Westsider wrecks at Mabouya, Carriacou.
Video by deefer diving.

Twin Tugs Boris and westsider.