Belair – Hill Side Inn.
Three beds and baths for 3 guests. Condo apartment in a rural area of Carriacou. Affordable lodging.
Cherry Hill – H & H Apartments for rent.
We need more info about this apartment building.
Tel: (473) 443-8524
Harveyvale – Oyster Shell Apartment.
Basic one bedroom studio apartment with a kitchenette. Nice location on the road of Tyrell Bay and HarveyVale. Suitable for two guests.  
Lower end
Harveyvale – Park Plaza Apartments of Tyrell Bay.
Apartment rentals in the yacht harbor of Carriacou, Tyrell Bay.
Lower end
Harveyvale – Sundowner Hideaway vacation studio.
Beautiful secluded location on the hillside of Tyrrel Bay with only one neighbor. And as quiet as it now can get in the Caribbean. Room located in house with a great view and a specious veranda where you can relax in the hammock. Ten minutes walk to the bay and the beach.
Harveyvale – Thea’s Apartment for rent.
200 mts up the hill in Tyrell Bay, affordable apartment with nice German Hosts.
001 473 403 8056
Hillsborough – Frank and Hilary’s Apartment on the beach.
Apartment building on Hillsborough beach.
Lower end
Hillsborough Center – Gramma’s Apartments.
Lodging in Hillsborough at Grandma’s apartments.
Hillsborough North – Connie and Larry apartment for rent.
Located on a sloping hillside about a 15 minute walk from Hillsborough, Carriacou’s main town, is the house that Connie and Larry built.
Lower end
Hillsborough North – Wilson’s Apartment for rent.
The apartment has a small front porch and enters into a large common area. There is a private bedroom with two twin beds and a private bathroom with shower. Laundry facilities are available. Sheets, towels and kitchenware is provided. There is good light and the feeling is openness and airy. There is a well landscaped yard with beautiful, red flamboyant and frangipani trees (even a rare yellow one).
Paradise Beach – Snakepit apartments.
At Cobra’s place you are close to Paradise beach. Apartment and room for rent.
+1 473 443 6039 +1 473 404 9903 +1 473 537 9110