Websites website for German visitors of Carriacou.
German language website with good information about Carriacou.
001 473 403 8056
Grenada Grenadines website by the board of tourism.
Grenada official touristic information for visitors to the islands.
Radio KYAK106 – the sound of Carriacou online everywhere.
Carriacou’s Original Homegrown Radio. Because more Kayaks are away and there are more people listening to Radio on the Internet than FM & AM combined KYAK106 has turned off the FM and continues to broadcast on The Net .
Simply Carriacou real estate and holiday rentals.
Simply carriacou offers an accommodation service for travellers to the island. We have visited each villa, cottage, apartment, guest house, inn and hotel on the island.
(+1 473) 443-2029 or on (+1 473) 449-2029

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