Barracuda Point diving site Carriacou.

Dive site Barracuda Point near the Sisters – Carriacou.

Barracuda Point diving spot.

Dive spot for the slighly advanced diver.

Barracuda Point diving site Carriacou.

Near the Sisters dive site.

  • Depth: 9 – 23 metres (27 – 75 feet).
  • Visibility: 40 metres (130 feet).
  • Reef / wall.

Dive at a giant soft coral garden.

Wall full of marine life like nurse-shark, critters, giant green moray-eels, turtles and barracudas.

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Not a dive for beginners but very rewarding for the experienced diver.

You get a good visibility at Barracuda Point.
Obviously the visibility is depending on currents and other conditions.

This diving site is close to the spots called Circles and Deep Blue.

The local dive operators sometimes take you to these spots during the same dive.
If that is a good decision depends on your stamina.

Barracuda Point is one of the better places to see larger fish and turtles.