Tropical Hill divesite on Carriacou.

Divespot Tropical Hill, southwest coast of Carriacou.

Diving at Tropical Hill – Dive spots around Carriacou.

Spectacular divesite around a pointy rock, covered in corals and sponges.

Tropical Hill divesite on Carriacou.

Diving at Tropical Hill.

Perfect as one of your first dives on Carriacou.
  • Maximum depth at the spot is 18m or 60feet.
  • A perfect divesite for divers with little experience.
  • This is a hillside underwater, dive around this pointy rock and discover an abundance of sea life.
  • See lobsters and yellowhead jawfish.
    Common species at thisĀ site are rays and small nurse sharks.
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Easy and interesting divesite.
The Tropical Hill is an enchanting underwater formation.

This divesite is inhabited by hundreds of sergeant majors and colonies of hydroid zoanthidĀ“s .
There are many crevices and overhangs which provide for excellent shelter.

Barracudas and kingfish swim around the hill, in hope of catching a bite.
In contrast to the close vicinity of the shore there is an abundant variety of life around the Tropical Hill.

Here are many soft andĀ hard corals and azure vase sponges.
Go around the rock several times and discover something new each round.

Around the Tropical Hill you find lobsters, stingrays, turtles to yellowhead jawfish and sailfin blennies