Shark reef nurse shark.

Diving at the Shark reef, south of Carriacou.

At the shark reef you will find sleeping nurse sharks, queen angelfishes and schools of chubs.

Superb diving site to see small sharks at the reef.

Shark reef nurse shark.

Nurse sharks sleeping at the reef.

Here at the southern point of Carriacou is a place where reefs sharks take  nap.

Diving at this reef is not for the absolute beginner.
Nevertheless you do not need to be an expert to dive here.

  • Depth of the divesite is around twelve meters till seventeen.
  • Visibility is usually good with clear waters.
  • There is a slight current here, you could drift slowly over the reefs.
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Shark reef can be a tiring dive.

The current can drain your energy in a short while.
Get physically prepared before you go on a diving vacation.

Let the dive operators tell you when is the best day for this divespot.
Maybe they will recommend that you go diving at night, if you feel comfortable with that.

Depending on currents and wind direction one divesite can be good on a certain day and worse the next.

Local diving shops know when to go where.
They will also advise about which diving locations are best suited for your level of experience.