Pagodas Garden Carriacou.

Diving at Pagoda’s Garden.

Pagodas Garden diving spot south of Carriacou.

Pagodas Garden Carriacou.

Divesite Pagodas Garden.

  • Depth from 8 to 24 meters.

This divesite was named for its hard coral formations.
These corals are shaped like traditional Chinese pagodas.

This gorgeous reef is washed by strong currents most of the time and is suitable only for experienced divers.

The reef top begins at a depth of eight meters, eventually sloping to join with the ocean floor at a depth of twenty-three meters.

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Pagodas Garden is located where the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea melt together.

Besides the hard coral you will find an abundance of soft coral.
Many anemones, sea fans, and sponges.

Watch for black durgeon, big ocean triggerfish, groups of elegant Moorish idols.

Here are lots of butterfly fish, along with creole wrasse and lots of crustaceans, including conchs.

In addition, keep an eye out for turtles and nurse sharks as you explore.