Carriacou wreckdiving at the Westsider.

Westsider wreck diving at Mabouya on Carriacou.

Wreck of the westsider at Mabouya Island.

Carriacou wreckdiving at the Westsider.

Wreckdive on Carriacou – the Westsider at Mabouya Island.

  • Depth around 30 meters.
  • For advanced divers.
  • Good visibility.

This wreck is in excellent condition.
Use one of the local dive instructors to go diving at these wrecks.

Fortunately it did not suffer any damage from hurricane Ivan!

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The 30 metre long wreck of the Westsider near Mabouya was officially sunk on September 4th 2004.

The dive is only suitable for experienced divers and there can sometimes be a current.

A 30 meter / 100 feet tug boat which sunk on the 04th of September 2004 – lying in 29 meters (96 ft) of water.
Surrounded by schools of juvenile fish, barracudas, french / gray / queen angelfishes.

Only for the experienced diver! Spectacular Wreck-Diving.
Boris wreck diving at Mabouya Carriacou.

The Boris lies at 28 metres near Mabouya Island on Carriacou.

A safe and enjoyable wreck dive with already loads of marine flora and fauna.

See nurse sharks and lobster, queen angelfish, french angelfish.

At the wreck are barracudas, critters and more than average coral growth.
Definitely more than one expects in such a short time.

Westsider cabin, wreck diving at Mabouya island.

Westsider cabin, wreck diving at Mabouya island.

The twin wrecks at Mabouya on Video.