Nurse shark at Cassada Bay dive site.

Diving at the reef in Cassada Bay.

The reefs at Cassada Bay are good for beginning divers.

Nurse shark at Cassada Bay dive site.

Nurse shark in Cassada Bay.

Shallow reefs with abundant sealife.

  • Depth of this divesite at Cassada Bay varies between 12 and 18 meters.
  • There is not a lot of current as long as you stay relative close to the wall.
  • Small sharks are common on this reef.
  • Suitable for divers with low to medium experience.

Cassada Bay is where you also find several other great dive sites.

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Viewing the bay from mainland you can see the sharks swimming in the shallow reef.

There is a broken jetty at the now derelict Cassada Bay complex.
You could snorkel from there and still see a lot of interesting fish and corals.

More out of the coastline are several islands with excellent diving conditions.

Around White island and Saline are several divesites for more experienced scuba divers.
Main feature in this spot are the nurse sharks.