Scuba diving Carriacou.

Diving at Jack a Dan west side.

Diving conditions at Jack a Dan, close to Hillsborough.

Scuba diving Carriacou.

Reef diving in Carriacou.

Dropping on to a table of reef and rocks at 6m (18ft), this site has big sand patches broken up with crops of hard and soft corals.

Crabs, sand divers and flounders can be found here.

The dive then takes you past groups of garden eels and descends down a coral wall where large schools of fish gather.

Maximum depth is 20m (66ft).
Diving at the west side of Jack a Dan.
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This dive spot is located in front of Hillsborough.

It is an easy diving location.
Good practicing area for the less advanced scuba divers amongst us.

Drop in without a mooring to a reef garden at 8m (25ft).
Lots to see as you move back towards and around Jack-A-Dan island.

The dive takes you over the ridge of a coral finger, to a maximum depth of 16m (50ft).

On this dive you are likely to encounter myriads of schooling fish.
There are moray eels and stingrays, as well as the odd nurse shark too.

There are many lionfish at Jack a Dan, and the dive operators frequently go out in order to deminish their numbers.