Limekiln diving spot Carriacou.

Diving at the Limekiln cliff site – Carriacou.

Easy diving with perfect views at shallow depths.

Limekiln divesite at the southern point of Carriacou.

Limekiln diving spot Carriacou.

Underwater pictures are easy at this site.

  • Maximum depth at the limekiln is 12m/40ft.
  • Good for divers with little experience.
  • Drift diving over the reefs of Carriacou.

Great reef inhabited by schools of fish.

See ceros and southern sennets.
The Limekiln site is a hiding place for turtles.
Large schools of small fish hide between the corals.

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Limekiln cliff is a perfect site for night diving.

At night is when you can see giant channel clinging crabs.
These crabs have claws bigger then your hands !

Orange ball corallimorphs are common at this divesite.
It is close to the shore, therefore it not a deep dive on the Limekiln site.

The current here is not strong, hence there is not a lot of strength needed to see a lot.

Bring your underwater camera if possible, you will have many opportunities to take great pictures.