Wreckdive Carriacou, the Rose.

Wreck of the Rose at the southern side of Jack Iron Point.

Rose Wreck dive site.

Wreckdive Carriacou, the Rose.

The Rose is a wreck in Tyrell Bay.

  • Location Tyrell Bay at Jack Iron Point.
  • Depth of the dive site between 17 and 23 meters.
  • Visibility is good.

The Rose is a deep wreck on a sand patch surrounded by turtle grass.

This site is often frequented by Southern stingrays.
Lesser electric rays have been spotted here too!

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The Rose is a 17 meter / 56 feet sailing boat which sunk on the 20th of April 2003 lying in 21 meters (70 feet) of water.

There are several other wrecks at Mabouya island, but the Rose is the easiest wreckdive on Carriacou.

The wreck is surrounded by stingrays and schools of fish, hiding place for groupers.

Sandy & sea grass bottom with torpedo rays, electrical rays, cushion sea stars.

See magnificent sea urchins, flying gurnards and head shield slugs.