The Garden reef diving location Carriacou.

Diving spot The Garden, Carriacou south-west.

Shallow reef diving site The Garden.

Scuba diving around Carriacou for beginners.

The Garden reef diving location Carriacou.

Diving at The Garden.

  • Depth of the divesite is between twelve and fifteen meters.
  • Lots of underwater vegetation with the corresponding fish.
  • Schools of small coloured fish swim among the vases and sponges.
  • Soft and hard corals in good healthy condition.

Among the many divespots around Carriacou this is one of the very easy sites.

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Easy and exiting divesite.
As said before, this is a very relaxed divesite.
Nevertheless there is an abundance of life to be seen.

Waters at these reefs are usually very clear.

Bring your camera.
Here it is easy to take great pictures of the fish that roam the reefs.

You can easy drift over the reef and let the scene astound you.

Large amounts of small colourfull fish swim around the corals.
At the sandy patches with seagrass you might encounter a turtle or two.